Olyvia Rhianne DuSold 1994-2023

Proyecto Arbol Generoso was founded by Olyvia, who recognized the needs within our vibrant community and sought to contribute and nurture her passion of giving, towards the children and animals of Dominical and its neighboring regions.

In honor of Olyvia, we are committed to sustaining this project, and with your generous contributions, we aim to provide the children in the adjacent areas with delightful Christmas gifts and essential back-to-school supplies they require, along with continuing to support the spay & neuter clinic.

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In memory of Olyvia

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'One's Life' by Olyvia DuSold

How strange to know one’s life, your souls’ purpose, and to be so unable to connect the dot from where you are to where you’re meant to go. I suppose life is like telling a leaf on a tree at the top of a mountain that one day it will be a part of the sea, when it does not even know what the sea is.

One day, it falls to the ground, and over time the breeze carries it to a stream or river or a lake, and the leaf probably thinks it’s there. Then, it can either stay or say, “you know, I floated around this sea, and never felt a current. I’ve always been able to see the sun from it’s deepest depths. I don’t know if this is it.” And with the acceptance that more can be out there, it’s eaten by a fish, that’s eaten by a larger fish, and that fish is then taken out of the stream, river, lake, by a bird who eats it. And that bird somehow finds it’s end in the sea. And that particle of a leaf, nothing like it was all those years ago on a tree, has found soil on the ocean, and becomes part of a coral body.

Is that not us? We must wake up, be stripped of what we thought was there, divided into a million possibilities, only one of which leads us to the reality we once sought. The death of our ego and the limits we put on ourselves must be shattered in order for our true potential to be. And in that, only a particle of our essence is what is left to the life that we dreamt. The part of us that knew beyond belief rejoices in our Heaven on Earth.

I am somewhere in a dead fish.

Letters from her Family

From her mother, Norma.

Olyvia was a young woman that showed wisdom beyond her years. She was very giving, supportive, loving and just “knew” when to give you the space you needed. With this said, she also knew when it was time to rollup her sleeves and get into the thick of a project, which is exactly what she did. Need help with the kids…done! Need help with the animals…on it! Need help with school supplies…got it! Her hard work and contribution to start these projects reached so far. Help us keep it alive in her honor.

Rest easy my Beauty. Mommy loves you to the Moon detour to Saturn and the Milky Way scenic route back.

From her Father, Martin.

Olyvia’s desire to impact the world in a positive, sustainable way grew from her deep compassion for people. Her belief is that we can each move beyond tolerance and acceptance, and that we can come alongside one another to walk our journey together. Olyvia set this powerful example by finding ways to build strong relationships in the community of Dominical, and mustering people to unify for causes that mattered, especially those bettering the lives of children and animals. She believes in bringing art and cultural programs to the students through day camps and community events, while also providing them with the necessities of clothing, shoes, toys, books and school supplies to help them succeed. Additionally, Olyvia’s love for animals prompted her to fund affordable spay/neuter clinics to teach responsible fur baby parenting. Her big heart is matched only by her big personality, which she displayed by spending her time and energy to make Dominical special, inviting and unified. As you contribute to The Giving Tree (El Arbol Generoso) project, you are carrying forward Olyvia’s vision to bring a better quality of life to her community, and inspire its children to dream beyond its borders.

From her sister, Keila.

I love Olyvia for who she is – the way she loves herself and inspires the people around her to do the same, the warmth and laughter she instills in those she encounters for more than a moment, and her continuous bravery to keep exploring. Yet, my favorite thing about her is the way she dreams. Olyvia held this massive vision for her life and that included helping people – uniting people to empower each other. Her contribution to events in Dominical that have gained traction since 2019 was her start on solidifying that piece of the dream.

It’s hard to believe the incredible loss to our family and community. What is easy to believe, however, is that a spirit as special as Olyvia’s will live on in each of us who encountered her and will continue to encounter her through the good that she created. She continues to unite people to keep her dreams alive – just one more thing I love about her.

From her Person, Luke.

Love of my life, light of my day, I will love you always my baby fawn.

From the moment I first met Olyvia, her uniqueness shone brightly. Her exceptional ability to connect with people, her relentless pursuit of self-improvement, and her dedication to uplifting those around her were truly inspiring. She consistently astonished me with fresh and innovative ideas, whether it was about our shared goals, new skills to acquire, or challenges to conquer. One of these remarkable ideas was Projecto Arbol Generoso, a vision she tirelessly pursued to bring to life for the betterment of our close-knit community, benefiting both its young ones and the local animals.

Even though her loss still weighs heavily on my heart, witnessing the unity of our community during this difficult time has been incredibly uplifting. The outpouring of support and solidarity has been nothing short of remarkable. I am committed to carrying on Olyvia’s dream and ensuring that Proyecto Arbol Generoso thrives, making it the best it can possibly be, and continuing to serve our beloved community.