What exactly is Proyecto Árbol Generoso?

We are a community fundraising platform for Dominical and beyond. We crowd source resources and influence from the Tico and Gringo communities and put them to good use. By organizing, throwing and hosting different events for the community we get what we need done, together. 


As we continue to develop better techniques for organizing events and raising funds we will continue to grow how we can help. Right now we focus on early childhood education and the spay and neuter clinics that happen in this area. As we grow, so will our causes, so will our mission, but the heart will stay the same: to build the community up by bringing us together.

Our Mission

Our goal is to keep Dominical and its surrounding communities magical. As everything around us continues to grow and develop it is our dedication to the community we are a part of that will keep us united in the face of change. We are a place for families, for cultural events, for a great day at the beach and we want to keep it that way.

Our trusted doners organizations who support us